Shoot a Machine Gun @ Arizona Last Stop

Choose from over 25 Machine Guns and Specialty Firearms!

Only at Arizona Last Stop can you shoot the Barrett 50 cal. Sniper Rifle

Get Your Picture Taken in the US Navy SEAL FAV

Experience Full Auto @ Arizona Last Stop!

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  • “The hospitality and food there is really wonderful!” - Susan
  • “Bet n Man here..and we LOVED your place there in White Hills, AZ! Nice little rest stop for us on our way back from Vegas. We are a little band that does blues, jazz n classic rock. Come by and hear us if you are ever in the Dallas, TX area.” - Wade
  • “I was at CES in Las Vegas, and took a visited to Hoover Dam. Stopped at Last Stop. Awesome Burgers and fries. They even added a fired egg to my burger. Everyone is great and it is a must stop when going to the Hoover Dam or the Grand Canyon.” - David
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